How to show data in label properly

Hello all
Can any one please tell me about this as if I have two labels and I call data from a db and I want to show that data in labels.(Both the labes are arranged side by side)
(I am showing particular data in label 1 and particular data in label 2) what I want is that my label 2 contain more text characters than 1st label . I want when 1st data from db come then when the 1st label and 2nd label data come then after I want to show the next data.

Problem:- Because 2nd label contain more data that’s why the heigh also increased of label and the 2nd data which I have called for label 1 is shown in next line after 1st label 1st data end.
I want to show both the data simultaneously.
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Are they in a HorizontalArrangement?
A picture is worth 1000 words…

Yes they are in horizontal arrangement

Show the properties of the labels in the designer please?

And how does it look when you run your app. You have to give as much info as possible else we have to keep asking.

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Si.r my this query has been solved​:blush: thanks for your help also

Show your solution please so others can learn.

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Si.r I can’t show because I have changed script of sql

How does that change how you’re displaying the data?

You asked for help but are now refusing to give it. Be careful as people may not be so quick to help you in future.