How to show Google sheet data in different labels?

I saw a tutorial where they were showing how to display 3 rows in a listview but I wasn’t able to understand how to do it with labels.
I don’t want all data in one label, I want one cell’s data in one label.
Any help is really appreciated :slight_smile:

Do you use a script to get data from gsheet or not ?

If it’s possible to do it without script then it’s better but if it’s necessary to use script then I don’t know how to do it.
I was just changing Gsheet data to CSV file.


will you use any if then else condition…

I mean take the cell value from gsheet if the text box =… or screen intialise itself you want to get only one cell data?

Yes I will use if then else with the values of Gsheet, basically the Gsheet will have Price of some products and with the values called from different cells I will do math.
The uses of if the else is to avoid error in math that’s it.

Is there any video tutorial for it, it looks like it’s to get value with some text but i want to show value as soon as screen initialise.

if so then you need to call the particular col values from gsheet while screen inti and after user selecting the price just use index is in the list method…

if possible screenshot the strucutre of your gsheet

I will add Product and SKU directly by labels because they won’t change
I want to change both MRP and Price in app when I change it in Gsheet.
For unit I will use Textbox, then I will multiply it with the label text I will get by calling data from Gsheet and then use math to show final results.

Then best way is, just call the whole data as csv and store it in global variable and by using , as I said earlier, index is in the list , just finish your work.

Else you need to use gviz method upon user clicks or selects product every time…

I guess there aren’t much ways to do it other than mentioned here so now I need to figure out which one works better.
Thank you so much for helping me. :+1:

Yes of course

  1. Calling all data at once + select list list & index is in list

  2. Directly use gviz every time when user clicks product…

Choose yours . But method 1 would be better I hope

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