How Can I count Cell On Google Sheet

Hello How Can I Count Cell On Google Sheet
I mean


Cell = “ Finshed ” And Cell = “Username”


Count As 1

To Calculate Value

Hello friend if you want share your ai and script code i see maybe help my project

Run a gviz query on the sheet for those values in those columns, then count the number of returns.

This query will return the count for you

"SELECT count(H)  WHERE H contains 'Finished' AND I contains 'basma'"
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How Can I put This Number On Label @Still-learning

this my blck

give me error

Don’t use for each item list block,

When web got text
Set label text to get response

thanks This Back Text And Number I Need Number Only


Try like this, then, it will give you only the result in the label

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Thanks Toooo Much It’s Working Good I apricated This

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