How to count the number of entries?

I have list of entries in googlesheet.
When user completes his marking he will check his entries for the confirmation. So i used the method suggested by @Taifun.
Everything works as i expected.

If user checks his entries, how can i count the number of entries obtained from the googlesheet??

See the attched images

  1. Googlesheet list of entries

  2. Obtained result after the user request in another screen

The result is in the form of list of lists , so the lenght of list above is 11. If you wish to count IN for example for each item in list select index item in index 4 cause IN is in position 4


Suppose if we use Name(in the place of IN) mean we can get total number na


getting error

Issue is u don’t got any response from web viewer

Or ur response is not in list format

this is mobile response. I am getting entries

I got it I will reply soon

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Try using list from csv table block when you got text from web


I think the issue is u got a JSON array so in components there is a component named JSON so use it replace length of list get response with length of JSON array and so on
Replace select list index with
And so on

I think even it will work for this

I used the following url , got it from your previous post :slight_smile:,B,C,D+where+C+matches+'Mr+E+Jai+sankar'

Use this block in Web.GotText.

In all formats it says the argument is not a list…

Use for each number block in Web component’s GotText Block, And Save Response in global Variable with list csv list block in lists as @dora_paz said In Post 10.

Try the following aia. When button pressed first label gets web response (no list), second label gets list from csv table - (list of lists) - third label shows entries . Just write the name you want in textbox and press button to test it

spreadsheet_1.aia (3.7 KB)

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Super, I missed to add create empty list in the variable. We are getting the count, If i click again the count become doubles. Other thing it is pakka
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Just add the following blocks and it will not add entries again

spreadsheet_2.aia (3.8 KB)

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@dora_paz , Thankas a lot… Finally fulfilled my desire with your full and full effort. Thanks a lot once again. Keep in touch with us… :pray:

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