Get data from google sheet!

Hi Guys,
how to make :
when i enter a user mobile no. it will show me the users no.
ex. : when entering 1234 (as a phone no.) I get User ID (5) as a result in the Label ,
the sheet contains more than 50 mobile numbers.
how can i do that, & better to use spreedsheet or web1 ?
photos attached…
pls send photo as for blocks


Use gviz method of query

This way its show other names .
I only want it to show one

Show us your blocks

Still no blocks yet,
I want to know which one easier to use,firebase or googlesheet for such way ?

Like this

so you have not teid thorugh blocks even after ref thw website…

ok, in this screnshot, add your gsheet uid and add any value where A=‘,’ then run the url via web. you will come to see

You can use this extension ↓

i don’t want users see other names , i only want :
when ever someone enters his phone no. he get his ID only
as shown in the photos above …
thank u for the reply

Using free methods, even without an extension, getting data from Google Sheets is possible. Your paid extension is not bad but to understand the mentality of users, most of them seek for free options and as less extensions as possible.

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You have not understand the logic, i think…


Not realy …

if you want only that concern user detail alone, then dont let the user to type the number in the text box… during registration get his number and store it in tinydb. then use the above url just add the number from tinydb and get pwd… simple

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