How to get the requested/duplicate entries from the googlesheet?

Friends, i am having such data in my google sheet.

If i search using name how can i get number of entries datewise in our app or IN/OUT category wise…

I know how to get data from sheet to app but it gives only one row

Try this method:

I followeded the steps given in METRIC RAT AI2 - Use gviz to get and query google sheet data

but i am getting result like this…

I want to extract particular data but it extracts all the datas

I am calling A,B and C value if the sheet contains Particular name but it shows all the name…

Am i did any mistake?

In your select query try:

SELECT A,B,C where C contains 'name'

the documentation is here Query Language Reference (Version 0.7)  |  Charts  |  Google Developers
a correct select statement also would be

select A,B,C where C matches 'namelabel.Text'

don’t forget the single quotes around the textbox…


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Thanks @Taifun , If i use the url(,B,C,D+where+C+matches+'Ms+R+Revathi'

) link in the browser it downloads exactly what i am looking but in app again it shows full list. Even i tried in another angel. I dont know what is the mistake i am doing. Morning only need to check up…

Screenshot_9 ![Screenshot_10|633x406, 75%]

I have used separate text box even for the query (as you did the webpage)

I slightly modified the blocks and now i am getting properly…

Thank you @Taifun

Every thing working fine now…
First time entry by the user alone auto deletes. 2nd time onwards their entries correctly updating in the sheet…

Screenshot was old one, that was testing only. Actually i set the response content to open in the next screen…

@Taifun , Suppose if i adjust the query to search the name matching with date , then results turned empty. I dont know why. I used the same blocks but instead of namelabel.text i used datelabel.text field.

Is it not possible to search the field based on date? And i display the date in the label by using web component

web site address :

and the blocks are ,

Query link look like this,

I have used both type of text as shown in below picture

but for both the type of date i got the following error

I followed this tutorial too for how to use date query in google sheet,

Worked out and found result,

select A,C,D where A=date 'datelabel.text'

The problem is only space

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