How to show firebase data in recycle list view

How to show firebase data in recycle list, and take it to next screen, help, I tried and got no answer.
Carde.aia (442.8 KB)

what are the details you want to show n recycler view?

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The tag in the first screen, and the value between the tags in the second screen

I think you want like this…

all the tags in first screen

after th tag selction, subequecnt tag and value to be shown in next screen, Correct? or all the tags in screen1 and each tag value in next screen??

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Yes, that’s what I want

if so in screen1 you want like this…

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yes perfect , How to move all values ​​in tag to another screen?

you want only tags to move to next sreen? also what is the need of recycler view here , as the list is too small

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I want to add that list later, I want to make a hindi quotes category app, in which all the values ​​from the tag in the first screen, after clicking on the tag, should appear in the second screen.

@Still-learning I didn’t get the expected result, answer please give some solution

Can I get the aia of this edited by you, I will try the rest

Carde(1).aia (446.6 KB)

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