How to show image through firebase using firebase storage component in Google?

hey i am making a wallpaper app . i want to show images through firebase .
i have created a app with firebase storage component. i have created the app successfully but app not showing images. Why?

here is my blocks
blocks (1)

here is aia file
wallpaper.aia (1.9 KB)

i have succesfully uploaded .json file in my app.
how can i load my images in my app by firebase ?
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You Can Either Download The Image And Show it Or Use The Download Link Of Your Image And Put The Link In Your Image Component

but link is not loading image in componen

Try to use airtable to and dynamic cardview + image component to show your images.

Use Airtable to store the links of you’re images.
Then you the call block in the airtable to get the value. After that set-up the dynamic cardview + image component to show all of the images.

If you what to know about these components then I’ll recomend you to watch some videos in youtube about how to use these components.

Also you can use cloudinary for uploading your images.