Images from Firebase

Hello , I am having trouble on finding a proper tutorial or some instructions on how to get images from firebase and display them on my wallpaper app.
Would appreciate your help!
Thanks in advance!

use firebase storage

Yes I know that but can you be more specific about what blocks should I use, to show images I have uploaded on firebase?

Upload your all images to firebase storage.

Get image url.

In firebase database create a bucket and tag under that tag enter all URL.

Now in your app,
Fill all firebase db properties.
use firebase db get value block
Use image component and

when firebase got value
then set image source to get value.

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I have done several projects using firebase and when there are several users doing the same, firebase stops working because the free version only gives you a minimum bandwidth…
You don’t notice that until you finish the app and test it…

Firestore gives you 1Gb.

For images I would use Cloudinary.

You get 25 credits, which with 1 credit you get 1 GB. If you use their api to do transformations, it consumes credits, but if you only use it to store images, you have 25Gb…

You can use airtable along with couldinary.
For example :- if someone upload a picture you can set the block as get the url and store that url in airtable with the respective users id and get the image from there also set a size limit for image for you’re need.