How to show item one by one , not all of them at once

below block is working fine but I want to show item in list one by one but it shows all of them at once, so sometimes it crashes app
what can be its solution ?

This is due to low update of airtable
On current time Airtable do not work hope it fix in future.

Can you tell me the length of current list in database you call ?

Or you can use dictionary method to over come from this prob

1200 rows in my airtable base

That is why there is error in your app because your list length too large.Please try to show item 100 to 150 one by one.

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No issue. You can get your all data if you follow this tutorial. I am telling from my own experience&practice. If possible try this method. I am always suggesting airtable lovers to use this dictionary method

Dear @Still-learning I think you take this error in getting data from database but not . This error in his app because his length of list too large or he use a loop for each number, in this loop error is occurred.

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