How to show kodular data in html page in kodular app

How to put data on html page without page refresh on webview in kodular app ,
Using assets html file.

Please help me :pray::pray::pray:

You can do that by using javascript inside a HTML file or by referer another document, but if you don’t want to refresh, all input methods need be inside your code

How to do this please :pray: share me an example.

sample.txt (376 Bytes)

See this cody for an exemple
to see how appears in aplicattion, you need to change format .txt to .html

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New Text Document.txt (1.6 KB)

You can also use this

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show how to implement block

its worng i need put data on html using kodular button and textbox component, not html input textbox

I’ll provide that in a day

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ok thank you