How to show Notification count


i want to show this types of badges.

Where do you want to show such badges? What’s the sole purpose of showing them? It would be great if you could be a bit more specific. Just an image along with a line of text isn’t enough.

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You should use Shortcut Badge component:

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Read this post, i have written there a solution

I think that option is now omit from new version.

It is in the experimental component ,

also it is easier to use search if you know the name


make sure you have turned on experimental components from settings, and that’s for showing notification, not icon badges in ap, like you want, try my solution and that’s will work for you, or else you wanna still try these components, then you can try…

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Thank you, now i got it.

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All is good but, not getting same front side view.

Which front side view?

I want to show notification icon like facebook or any shopping app. Like pro type.

You should study this topic for overlapping components to one another:

Then you can accomplish what you want.