How to show pdf in our app from firebase storage

How to show pdf s in our app from firebase storage

Hi @ujjal_kalita,

I think you should download a pdf first.

Hello @Moayad
Can I use web viewer, through which the user doesn’t have to download the pdf. And I can show it directly from the storage

If you would like to make login system with firebase and control users who’s can download PDF or no.

Here Do Like This @ujjal_kalita
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You can Use this demo like of pdf stored on firebase Storage


@Aditya_Nanda Where will I find the URL?..
When you upload a file there is URL called download URL… Is this that URL?

Ok you have to go to firebase and there you have to go and see storage section and there you can upload files

Do you know hindi ? If yes then message me personally so that I can share you link of youtube video for firebase storage

@Aditya_Nanda Okay after uploading my pdf in firebase storage
Where I will find my URL?
Can you show me a screen shot please

Ok wait I will make and share a video ok but I am having my dinner so so wait I will send you definitely :love_you_gesture:

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Thank you so much… I’m glad that u help me