How to show Whatsapp directory images in dynamic component or in any arrangement?

Hi, I’m tried many methods to show offline images that are stored in phone’s directory but it not worked. ( I have also used asynchronous image loader, cardview extensions )
Please anyone help me to overcome from this problem.

Post the blocks you have tried.

Please give an idea from your side.

Show us what you tried please.

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list working fine it gets all images path. But unable to show.

This works only on old android versions because whatsapp changed their path in new android versions
new path is like - /storage/emulated/0/android/media/com.whatsapp/Whatsapp/.Statuses

so your method works only on Android<10

it shows list of images(as u can see in above screenshot) that are stored in particular directory but not picture.
If we want to show another directory’s images(eg: Camera/DCIM ) than what to be done?

I think the path is shown because you have given it in a list view. Are you sure images can be shown in a list view? Also try viewing it in image component. Just to know whether it can display here.

Yes i also tried to viewing it in image component but not showing anything.

Use colintree listview for offline images it worked perfectly…

can you show example for colintree listview?

So how to get final path mean uf i use in old so get old path and se in new version so use new path