How to solve this problem: "select list item: List index too large"

How to solve this problem i have a need to 6 index show in our app but we have a problem show 6 number index plese help me

wherever you intialize global img block is string type change this to create empty list
blocks (9)
then add items to this list

Already i creat this blockIMG_20191206_162754

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The real question here is Why do you try to get the sixth item from a list that has only 5 items.
Care to elaborate?


I creat a job search application I have a need to 6 index show in our application how i solve this problem please please help me every one

Looks like your Firebase data doesn’t have an item #6 in its list.
Could you please show your database values?

Already i send the screen shot you can check

That’s not the database, though
It’s not possible to tell the list elements from that screenshot.

Can you explain me in hindi

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You have to show the content of your database.


“[“tp",“f2”,"[email protected]”,“tdhdhduchduffh fbdhfjjfhg dhdjdjfhf “,”@”]”
Check this

Let’s count