How to store and retrieve user specifc data

So I want to set up a framework where is a user logs in and stores some data and that data can be retrieved on the basis of specific inputs like date.

I want to keep it very simple, so for me google login in the app would be fine.

What have I tried?

Well havent tried anything, out here to look for the right direction, and simplify the complexity involved.

After that I will try and post in case of any queries.

Many thanks in advance.

There are dozens of guides in the community here on this subject.
Have you done any research on this subject?

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  1. Sign in via Google. You can use taifun account manager extension

  2. After pick , save the user id (split at @) in tinydb and use it as project bucket.

  3. Upon hit any button to save his work, AVE all the details under this I’d in firebase.

  4. So next time while user try to call you can use the user id as project bucket and get consern field values alone easily.

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