How to switch between 2 screens without closing?

I created a music player application of 2 screens …
One screen for folders and the second one for the music player …

I need to minimise the second screen while playing without closing it … just to explore the folders while listening… then I can to maximise the music screen a gain if i needed

Something like multitasking (alt+tab) in windows

You can try experimenting with multiple arrangements.

  • 1 arrangement for the music player
  • 1 arrangement for folder

Hide the folder arrangement when you don’t need it and show up the player’s one.


Actually I did this idea before (arrangements) but I just simplifying the request to be used in another project that can’t have many arrangements like that

If you want to be able to control the music from the other screen too then your only option is to have arrangements working as virtual screens. Just keep your arrangements well organized and plan your user interface having in mind this concept. Kodular has some limitations unfortunately and not everything is possible but there’s always workarounds.



Is this a correct way? Is there an easier way with fewer blocks?

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