Opening Multiple Screens

Anyone … Please help in Blocks Section

I have to Open Multiple Screens on the same page.
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When I click BUTTON 1 > wants to open Vertical Scroll Arrangement 1
BUTTON 2 > wants to open Vertical Scroll Arrangement 2 … same for all…

Please help me blocks

When Button.Click set visible to true for what ever arrangement you want to use and false for all others

It shows … like this but i want to see full…

because you haven’t hide vertical arrangement 1 ,
hide vertical arrangement too on button click if you want full screen but it will hide buttons.

Ok…what will i do to show the buttons again ??

when button 1 click , hide button arrangement and visible arrangement 1, same goes for all,
and when back press, if button arrangement is not visible, then visible button arrangement and hide all others, else close scree/app.

blocks - 2020-02-24T173354.731

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can you please show us in blocks ??

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i have posted blocks in that post.


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I need to add inAppPDF viewer for the list view ??? is there any for possible ??

and I have inAppPDF viewer extesion

What I do is create a precedent to hide the arrangements I want.

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And then I use it on every button, putting in true what I want to show, and false what I want to hide:



please help me for connecting InApp PDF Viewer with List Viewer