Main function for many screens

hi there ,how are you all
i’am working on app contains about 12 screens 10 of them contains the same components but for different usages
can i make a function or some thing makes me be able to change the properties for one time and the properties will be changed for 10 screens
or i will change the properties manually for each screen every time

Maybe you should rethink your app design.


Then you should make 10 screens to 1 screen with 10 vertical arrangements


well the only solution is to use visibility property with many vertical arrangement

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Yes by switching arrangements

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Probably you should make different arrangements as per your requirement. This is better option.

For switching you can use this for less block

Why not just change the content of the component instead

@Boban, Inserting several vertical arregenment is not a good idea?

You can use the procedures.

Use a vertical arrangement for each “screen” and then with a procedure you show or hide the one you want

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Would this not require the creator to create a “call goToScreen” for each each time a new screen needs to be opened?

What I do is create a “ScreensInvisible” procedure which sets every screen visible to false.

Then when I need to open a new screen I call ScreensInvisible then make the screen I want visible. This will save quite a lot of blocks I think.

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