How to take just the file name

Hi Kodulars,

I’m trying to create a function to copy a file from gallery and save it in a specific folder of my app.
In the last part of my “join” I would like to specify “take the file name with extension” and nothing else.

Is it possible?

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Yes, but why don’t you try it yourself instead of asking here?

Btw, a very strange path

Firts of all thank you for your answer.

I need to specify I’m a new user that doesn’t mean I’m stupid (almost not so much)… were you with me when I tried in different ways?! I don’t think so…

I’ve tried in that way bun when I go in the specific folder there’s no copied file.

I’ve tried with the “get selection” but it returns all the path and it creats al the folders and subs.

Did you try it with Companion ord APK?

Directly with APK

You have to ask for WRITE permission.
Because the TaifunFile ext. does not do this automatically (see in the ext. description).

I knew this… infact in another part of the app I’ve this procedure that works propertly.

I think is a similar concept, right?

→ connect device to Companion → right mouse cklick → Do it and post the result.


This is the result.
The folder is what I was expecting.

I’ve solved with this

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