How to tell user that the email is already used?

Ive searched everywhere and I cant seem to find the answer to this.
I thought if I just have a sign up error block it will just show that the email has already been used as an error but that doesnt seem to be the case.
I really dont wanna create a bucket and save all the registered mail ids and waste storage over that.
If someone can tell me how to get firebase authentication to tell my app the user already exists it would be really helpful! thanks :slight_smile:

For this, you have to store registered email ids in database and when new user try to sign up before it check his email id is in list or not.

If it is in list throw error “email id is already used” else sign up and store/add his email id in registered email ids.

Is there no way to just make firebase return that as an error instead of storing everything in a database

I think no other way.

Never mind. I was wrong. for some reason the app wasnt working properly.
Firebase DOES return this as an error and says email is already in use.


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