How to Transfer Screen from a Project to Another Project?

Anyone know how can I Transfer my Screens and Blocks from my Backup Project to my Current Project? Because I requested a Ads Approval from my Current Project then I thought while our Respective Administrators and Moderators Reviewing my Project, I thought I can’t do Changes there while they Review my Project so I made a Backup then after 3 Weeks and 5 Days, my Project got Approved and I’ve made a lot of Changes from my Backup Project. Anyone know how can I transfer my Screens and Blocks at the Same time from my Backup Project to my Current Project? All of your Comments will be Appreciated! Thank You keep Safe Always!
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I hope it is not possible I think. The best way is you can send the updated blocks to bagpack and from the bagpack you can use

Another way importing screen from p1 to p2 as ais file

You can important your screen from older project to new project
First export the screen from older project

Then import downloaded screen to new project


My PC Lags so much when I open Backpack

I hope you may have more number of blocks in bagpack already. That may be the reason. Limited blocks won’t slag the acreen

Yes I did it but it’s only Importing 1 same Screen I tried Exporting my Home Screen, then it when I import it, it’s only Importing Welcome Screen, When I tried Exporting News Screen, Then I Import it only Welcome Screen imports. idk why

Yes, you cannot import all the screens at a time. One by one have to import. No way. Slow and steady and wins the race. If you hurry surely it will end with an error

Ye I export Screens 1 by 1 but it only Imports same screens

As @Sumit1334 said in this post do the same process, but as you said It only exports the Screen1 then you need to choose the Screen you need to Export Like this Image below :


Ye I Always do Select Screens before I Export the Screen

Re-import the aia file of the project you want to export the screen of.

Still Nothing works

I think this can help you

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I don’t think you can change anything further in your project after receiving ads approval for it.
And though if you are changing anything in your project post approval, then I think you have to resubmit the app for review, if you want to display ads.
(Not very sure)

@dora_paz this is the exact problem I am facing. Please help me out :frowning: I thing its evening in GREECE and you may be hanging out somewhere else. Do enjoy but please help me as you see my post.

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