How to update google sheet data from kodular?

I have seen videos about uploading data’s in google sheet from kodular app but i want to update data in google sheet from kodular app.
Can anyone please help me?

This might help: Search results for ‘update google sheet’ - Kodular Community

Hi, you might want to check this extension, it would help

sorry not interested in paid solution…interested if free solution

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This shows one way:
Google Sheet CRUDQ II

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Use google apps script for that,

Watch this :

Send Data

Recieve Data :

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@RudraFromIndia I know how to get data and upload data but i need to how to update and delete data from kodular app

can no on help me with this???

I did!

no you have posted the video of Send and receive data from google sheet but i want too update

like i said here before

I did not, follow the link below to Google Sheet CRUDQII:

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I update / create in column AA so what happens is codular labels all data are not displayed

To write and read data from Google Spreadsheets, you can use this for getting better experience. (Thank you)

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Do you want to read the data, delete it, read the rest of the information and amend it? Is this what you want?

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I want to read the data and delete specific data but I don’t want to toad the data again but should autometically get the index number of the all the data that is available after the deleted data.

Use google script, find your row, and update or delete that row

thats what i dont know and thats the reason i asked for help here

In this link there are some videos that you can benefit from. See the fourth, fifth, sixth and seventh.

Https: // List = PLT4SlpkHKECeeP9MykgdD_ufPdvEpgMXN …

If I complete it please send it to me I don’t have time to do it