[ PAID API] Cloudsheets Extension

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Hi, I would like to pay for an api key but because my paypal account is from brazil, paypal did not accept making the payment in dollars, is there any other way to make the payment?

Hi @juliofahd

You can pay in your supported currence. Thats not an issue.



When are you releasing this version, its been quiet a long time.

Whats the current progress in the service ???


We are working On the update, its on last stage of development now so you can expected the release soon, the only thing i can promise here is, it will be a huge release, we have done some major changes to facilitate our users.


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Hi all,

The servers for Version 5 are up for both classic and pro users. Classic users can import the extension and start using it, for the pro users, you may send a personal message to me for the server upgrade cause the new extension won’t work without it since you all have a personal server unlike classic users.

You can use the @XyberAssistant_bot (telegram) to download the latest version of Cloudsheets classic or go to our official website for the same : https://www.extensions.xyberneo.com

Pro users can download the extension from this link : https://www.cloudsheets.xyberneo.com/CloudsheetsPro.aix

Cloudsheets Mega Release : Version 5

1 - All restrictions removed, you can use your favourite extension as per your wish now

2 - Added Update Column Option

3 - Added insert formula block in cell and column

4 - Added an option to get spreadsheet : Extending our legacy of providing industry leading options, an advanced version of get sheet

5 - We now offer custom api option too for classic users at an unbelievable cost of just 20 rupee/year : Expiry same as the plan expiry

6 - Fixed Update row bug

7 - Insert row option’s speed increased, now faster !

8 - Released Cloudsheets official app on Google Play Store

8 - Landing Page will also be updated by the end of the week

10 - Added an option in dashboard to view the creation date of api

11 - Tutorial Videos coming within a week in Hindi and super soon in English

12 - Also changed the official Email address to a new email made only for cloudsheets request

13 - Added loyalty programme, 1 refer gives you 10 points, get an api worth 120 rupees or 3.2 usd free of cost at 12 refers, make sure your friends start using cloudsheets too !

14 - Added more response codes to clearly state the issue which lead to failure in running an operation

15 - No price hike for users, this update is on us however pro users who have purchased the plan 45 days or more than 45 days ago need to pay a small lifetime charge for the update, this is sadly because the new server codes are even harder to deploy :slightly_frowning_face:

16 - We also give an extension of 1 month in one of their api as per their wish or 10 points to our users for making a post on their builder/development community and tagging us for using cloud sheets in their project.

Forgetting to mention the extension and tagging me can be a huge loss not :)))

I hope this is enough to digest in a single release

Last but not the least, The docs will be updated soon, till then you might ask your queries by a personal message to me in our telegram group, as always, we will be happy to help

Version 4 will be functional till 15 July, 2021, make sure you update your project with the new version before the date, this is not applicable for pro users !!!

To make version 5 work please replace our old email id with the new email id as the editor of the sheet :

End of Patch notes

We are open for dms and suggestion, make sure they reach us !!!

Enjoy the release and a very happy new year to everyone


Finally! Big Update is Out. :partying_face: :partying_face:


The extension may be free, but the rest has to be paid. I edited your title to not mislead the users.


You cant call it misleading, the extension is free anyways, thats well mentioned that the api needed is paid.

When you have already added the point that api is paid then i dont get the point of writing paid.

Paid is not the right word at all

Powers need to be Contained


The only thing I can see as “free” is the first 3 days of free trial

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Ok, there are several things to cover here,

First and foremost, the fact mentioned by you is totally wrong, maybe you would like to give another read to my post carefully or check out at the official website, its a 3 day trial not a 30 day trial, i cant see any wrong info floting for any of my extensions be it free or paid, if possible please edit your post for that

Second, the extension is not at all chargable, you are free to download it, thats what we call as free

Third, our apis have a format, if you can crack that then i would be really happy on that effort and you are free to use it for your entire life, without any objection from my side

Last but not the least, its not that i have not mentioned about the price in my post and tried to redirect you to my website directly, everything is well detailed and mentioned, provided you read it carefully and extract the summary with correct facts, so there is no way you call it misleading, misleading would have been a case if i would have said its free and then asked you for money once you start using it.

It took a lot of efforts and i have a set target for this project that was well mentioned untill release of version 5, that page is currently down and will be live soon, so its just that if you would like to sponsor it for good will, this becomes completely free to use, for lifetime

We have so far achieved 70 percent of it and we are trying to achieve it asap so that we can see our userbase shooting like anything, this is the best form available in the entire mit offspring community as you know well, a decent speed, most number of formatting options, 0 restrictions, rapid support, refund policy, other versions too that are completely free

Hope you see my side of calling it free too !!

Thanks a lot

Humble reminder : Please edit your post if possible so that there is no wrong info going from one user to other !!

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We can use googlesheet as our data base to post or get data… If it needed mean pls tell i will show yhe simple working blocks… Or you can search in the cummunity

No need to pay for it even singke penny for it

No api is needed

Its good if we keep our language in control while in the community

No one ever forced you to buy it, that was just an option open to you

Not everyone is making what you are making, there are many other options too

Please try n respect someone’s work, not all apps are that great too, we still respect yours.

Also, the method you have used makes your app vulnerable to attackers as you have to keep your spreadsheet sharing settings to anyone on the internet can be an editor, your url if found anyhow or if someone extracts it from app itself then it will be a disaster. Try to be a bit or calm on the community

The 4.2 K users using it are not fools for sure !



Happy to see the update, now i can use it my way

Legendary update for sure !!!

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Right, there are many factors actually. I recommend cloudsheets to everyone out there

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I dont know why the kodular staff are encouraging such hard words in community… I didnt come here to argue with anyone and didnt used any hard words…

If the same reply i might have give Will thw kodular staff watch silently???

Rules means rules…

Lets not go offtopic, there were no hard words, everything is truth.

This post is dedicated towards discussion related to cloudsheets and not to discuss other alternatives / ways to handle your database


:grinning: keep koding !!

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My only concern is that you may close down your server after months or years and all those people who bought your extension will be let down.