How to upload images to cloudinary?

I want to make it so when a user picks an image from image picker and presses a button it sends the image to cloudinary. How can I do that?

Sorry for these dumb questions, I’m new to this.

Thanks in advance :smile:

First action to do is always search the forum


Why you use Cloudinary…You can also use Firebase, Spreadsheet, Tiny DB…

well, i tried it with speadsheet but it didn’t work

I will send aia & apk Wait

Download Apk:- Image (1).apk (4.1 MB)

Download aia:- Image.aia (3.2 KB)

This is your Solution

Is it possible to load several images at the same time?

yes, you must add the images to a list, and do an for each item in lis, upload media, but the problem is that you receive the cloudinary url in any order

Can you provide an .aia for google spreadsheet too?