How to use airtable multiple select and single select filed or column in kodular

Please help I am really confused and worried about how can i us airtable multiple select and single select field type in kodular…Well i am using multiple selection as my tags for my app but i dont know how to use it and when i call it and try to show it those tage in label then it doesnot shows any things…please help its really important to me…
Here what airtable field i got to imput and show in app…
tags error for me please help

does any one got idea about how to use it…I need little logics and guide for it please help me

Don’t leave any empty cells and also show your blocks

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@webcomments7 will u pls tell me how to manage Tags?

i did it but also its not loading any cells…I just did with the condition one and nothing is loading so far so i dint work ok multiple selection…Iyou find way to do please reply…and i tryed it

as you said i just tryed by not leaving andy cekks but no resut…Can you please help a little bit…

Show relevant blocks

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umm…I am also really in confused about it cause i thought to use if ealse condition on tha tags field that i used but no reasult has shown yet but uf i find any way then I will infom you .also if you find any then let me know…Thankyou