How do I create categories in my application?

I have seen instructions on youtube and slacken on kodular’s dynamic element, but when I click to the side of the book screen I don’t get the data returned

May you please elaborate?
Are u not recieving start value on screen2?

your fetching value on screen 1 if you need on screen 2 after fetching from screen 1 upload it to tiny db then in screen 2 get it from same tiny db

do it by editing post

i can’t understand airtable won’t click screen2

@dohop96 please first elaborate your issue and tell us what is the problem and what do you want to do

The “home” screen displays categories of Airtable categories such as “Action, Anime, Comedy, Comic, …” for example: I want to click on this category “Action”, the “book” screen opens and will receive data according to the list from the Airtable of “Action”

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It is not recieving the data?

Check these your blocks you are getting all rows before seting the table of airtable
I think it is not getting all rows so it is not getting column

you ask rows before the table name of spread sheets is set

i hope it helps always ask question like this

I have already told him that

don’t think bad i just told what he should change

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