Getting same result from AirTable

Hello everyone,

For some reason I am getting the same elements from airtable.

I got 2 columns, 1 for Code and another one for reasons.

I retrieve the first column, everything is ok, once I try to get the data from the second column, it seems that I get the same column, what do you think is happening?

THis is label1 and Label2, seems that it gets the same element

What are you trying to do ? A custom search box ?

No no, actually the text box is no being used as of now. All I want is to get data from Cell A1 and put it to Label1, get cell B1 and put it into label2

Thats why I am getting 2 Columns

that because ElementAirTable just contain from one Collumn i think you need update element airtable value after call “causes” column so need add set Global ElementAirTable Block again to show different result

maybe you need create another one variable like ElementAirTable to contains (Causes Value) so still have ElementAirTable (Code Value)