How to Use Bcrypt API

Hi coders,
I’m trying to use Bcrypt API to encrypt password by Using Curl method from Bcrypt Api here
but it gives me this error

And these are my blocks

also i have tried to run Bcrypt Curl on
Everything works great except in my app,Thanks in advance

my aia file:
bycr.aia (2.5 KB)

I would try lower case, i.e. password and cost

actually you are trying to get a pasword hash, which is something quite different…

Hashing vs. Encryption algorithms

There is a fundamental difference between Hashing and Encryption algorithms, see this stackoverflow answer: Hashing is one way. You can not get your data/string from a hash code. Encryption is 2 way - you can decrypt again the encrypted string if you have the key with you.

to use a web service to get a password hash is not very secure, is it? for example an attacker could listen to your network traffic to catch the password…

better to use a hash extension… for example my tools extension offers a hash method…


apparently it is more comfortable for you to ask than to try.

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What advantage does your extension have over component cryptography

Thank you very much; it works perfectly.

Thank you so much for your recommendation.

first you have to understand the difference between hashing and encryption
and then choose the correct tool for your purposes…
for passwords you store hash values, because you do not want to decrypt a password…


I don’t mean to encrypt, the component has hash generation among other functions.
the question was, what is the difference between creating a hash from your extension and doing it with the integrated component

Sorry, I was not aware, that Kodular offers this as component
In this case yes of course use that component, for example the SHA-512 Generate Hash method


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