How to use in app billing to enable a button


I’m creating an app that includes (in-app billing) to open a new level by enabling a button

would you help me and provide a screen shot that have all the blocks, please?

i have the merchant account in “Play Store”

Thanks in Advance.

i need your help

You can use “IsPurchased” block to detect the purchase after calling “LoadOwnedPurchases” block

would you make full code and show screen shots, please?

i would really appreciate it, because i’m not expert

I will show an example soon


thank you in advance

i hope it is too soon

so, did you do ?

I don’t want to be rude, but why don’t you try to do it yourself ? If you’re waiting for him to do it for you then you can.
I don’t know what is your problem with earning apps…