What do you think about this code? "in-app billing"

i want to use the “in-app billing” to enable a button that will open a new screen

What do you think about this code?

when i test the app it does not give the small screen (google play screen, with the buy button" ?

and actually i do not know if this is a full code

Right click on Initialize block and choose Do It option, and do this for Purchase block too, and now check if the dialog appears.

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i did it and it worked once, but not any more :pensive::thinking:

If you want to allow repeated purchases, then use Consume block with productId of the product which you want to consume and make available for purchase again.

I may later create a tutorial for using Billing component, but it will take time.

Also Got Owned Purchases event trigger after you call Load Owned Purchases block, so you need to use After Purchases block.