How to use Integromat to send email

Some users have been have been wondering how to set up “Integromat” in their app, so I though I would share what I have learn in the community or other web sites. Hope it is helpful.

Login to Integromat

Click on Dashboard or Scenarios and look for that button and click on it
Step 1

Search for “Webhooks”

Then click “Continue”

Step 3

Click the Question mark to continue and click “Webhooks”

Step 5

Step 6

Click on “Add” to create a new one then click “Save”

Click on the + sign and add a new module. Then search for “Gmail” and click on it. (Can be added later on if you want to skip it for now)

Select the one that fit you the most ( In this case the first one)

Step 9

Click “Add” to add which Email from which you want the email to came from

Duplicate the web page and creates a blank scenario for HTTP Request
You can use that link to for a more detailed oriented.
The JSON data I used for this example:
{ "ToEmail": "[email protected]", "Subject": "This is the subject", "Body": "This is the body" }
You can just copy and paste it.

Make a right click on the webhooks and click “Settings”
Then click on that blue button
Step 13
Go to the duplicated web site and run the HTTP Request scenario. If successful, the webhooks will display a green text notification.

Go to the Gmail module and click “Settings”. Select the toggle (blue button) that said “map” to show the variable

In your firebase project, create a procedure and call it when you need to send an email.

Credit for the block procedure,


nice work, appreciated.

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mine is appearing like this

how do i choose email, subject, body options ?

It’s seems that you have not determined the data structure yet.

Use this document to see how to set it up

Glad I could be of help in this. I’m using Integromat quite a bit for back end data manipulation for an app I’ve developed for my company. All form data from the app is submitted through webhooks and then using Integromat’s nodes I’m able to determine what to do with it from there. You can use this for so much more than emails. Integromat works with Google Sheets as well so you can log data in a spreadsheet for tracking purposes.

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so could you explain to me in more detail how I do this integration?
For automatic email sending

You can call the procedure when you need to send data for example when an user click a button.

but my difficulty is configuring in integromat I never used this tool

start a new scenario in Integromat and start it with a webhook. each webhook has a unique URL and that’s where you sent your post. You then need to click Determine Data Structure when you send the first time so Integromat knows what to look for.

This is a webhook, followed by a switch where I determine who needs to get the email, and an email node that sends the email.


i dont want to use gmail

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