How to use "SHow user"

Hi guys ,

I got a issue with the openstreetmap map component . I Want to use it with the feature “Show user " . To My block editor , I enable the locatio_sensor and set the map_user to true. I use user latitude and longitude blocks.
But when I test my apk , the feature " show user” don’t work.
My GPS was enabled , I don’t understand . It should work but it was’nt working !

Opera Instantané

Someone Can help me ?
Or How should I built my block editor to make my “show user” working / displaying with my GPS ?

Thanks guys , for you help

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i dont know much about that because i havent tested that but one thing i can say try it outside(be careful about going out these days in Cod19 situation) because gps dosnt work inside house/room. you need to go out to test gps.


This is a already known issue with the OpenStreetMap. Takes long time for OpenStreetMap to react. Sometimes it takes ten minutes. Better use the Google Maps component.

But to you Imran Tariq my block editor is correct or not ?

I have already test outside before the COD19 contagion but I don’t see the “user icon” Display on my map.

ok thanks , Django_s_Android_App for your answer.

But I prefer Works with the openStreetMap component because it’s differents to make that I wanna do .

I switch the topic to resolve.

Thanks Guys. Good Days.
And protect you from COD19.

try changing location sensor enabled to true instead of map show user, and also try showing user without button will it work or not.

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