Location sensor error

I try ti use location sensor for regular map (not google map, becaouse thay require preinstall full of google map to android system before than you can use your apk). And Kodular cant add location sensor to the regular map component, dont matter designer or blocks you use for add location sensor to the regular map, its not work anyway.

earlier i used android 6 and appybuilder and after that i used ther offline version and everything was ok, before that mit app inventor and had same good result, and now o cant organize so simple part in kodular :frowning:
its may be becaouse i use amdroid 10 now?
help me with it please, a dont know what i can to do
location block

You can use this:-Exploring with the Location Sensor

I am using this simple components only and I am getting the geolocation without trouble

User need to enable location then only my app will proceed further if not it won’t proceed further

@Still-learning he is using map component not google maps


thank you Dora, tell me please, am i right abot: google maps in kodular cant works without preinstalled to android component “google maps”?

I do not know what you mean by that. Just change to google maps instead of map component and see if it works for you.

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as i remember, yes, i did ir before, but google map have bad parts for me, for example: every man which install my apk with use google maps must before run of my apk install another android soft, like google map for android system. am i right?

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I do not think this is true

ok. i will try to. But what about regular map, thay dont work with location sensor?

Never used that component but I have read that it takes long time to react

Dear Dora , i changed blocks like you see on added picture and map began show my location, not fast, but its work, thank you much

But gesigner part still not show added location sensor, its dosent matter but it is like that. Thank you for your help.
and another errors is marker size, you dont have any method to change marker size witg designer or blocks, only upload another picture with bigger size. its noy good for universal apk for different devaces

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