How to use spotlight in screen2 or screen3

i want to use spotlight on screen2 but its not working , help plz

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What have you done… show your blocks

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I just want to use spotlight on screen three . For a spiner … but in spotlight properties commponent spinner1 is not showing , it’s showing only screen1 commponents here

It is only working with scrren1 commponents

Are you sure you haven’t opened Screen 1 … so basically u are in the blocks of screen 3 but see the screen 1 components in the palette… try reloading

Yes exectly … I try reloading but nothing happened …

anyone here ? who could help me ?

send a screenshot… sorry i forgot about you :sweat_smile:

@Mr_YouTuber_Official try in this way
Here is a Video with live demo

Read the question :sweat_smile: @Aditya_Nanda

Yes @Tekwizer See the blocks and video can you see that is screen 3 block :grin:


the process will same for all the screen na :expressionless:

@Tekwizer see i have set component in blocks not in properties ok as the properties are showing blocks of screen 1 did you get it ?


See these images
Screen3 Image :-

Screen 1 image:-


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@Mr_YouTuber_Official thanks for marking solution of you face any problem in future just message

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