[HELP REQUEST] Spotlight and Bottom Sheet problem

I am using Spotlight to integrate a tutorial in my app and I wanted to include in the instructions the Bottom Sheet as I did with Side Menu.

As you can see in the screenshot all is ok with Side Menu, i.e. I open the Side Menu and I call the Spotlight with the “tutorial”

but when I open the Bottom Sheet and I call the Spotlight then I get the Spotlight behind the Bottom Sheet.

I tried using a clock component to call the spotlight with a delay but the result was the same…

Does anybody have an idea on how to fix that?
Thanks in advance!!!

do it like this


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Unfortunately this gives me an error

That is why I tried using the arrangement that holds the buttons of the Bottom Sheet but it gives me the issue described above…

when you do not attach a block to some parent block it gives you this error !

attach it to some parent block, this cross sign is shown coz you have enabled Show Warnings

can you explain a bit more, when do you want to raise the event of showSpotlight ?

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Maybe you can add label to layout instead of spotlight.

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As I am (I think) an advanced user of the platform I assure you that these below are two different things

Anyway let me further elaborate what I am trying to do…

I have a Side Menu and a Bottom Sheet menu in my app.

The last Side Menu button opens Bottom Sheet menu.

In Bottom Sheet among various options I have an option “How to” that serves as tutorial.

In the tutorial I want the user to be shown how to use Side Menu, Bottom Sheet and any other component I decide to place in each screen…

So I have made a procedure to show multiple Spotlights in a sequence.

Take a look at my blocks…

The blocks above give me the result of the screenshots in the 1st post.

If I use Bottom_Sheet1 instead of Vertical_Arrangement4 I get the error about Null object reference…

Note that:

The Vertical Arrangements 1 to 3 are within Side Menu and the VA4 is within Bottom Sheet menu.

Side Menu and Bottom Sheet are registered on different VAs as you can see

I tried creating Bottom Sheet like this also but still no luck

please explain further