I'm new here, can someone help me? I'm with visibility problems

I’m making an app with multiple screens, but to save memory I made some of them on the same screen but in different arrangements. So, when I need to change from an arrangement to another I just made one visible and another not. I made a block to back to the previous arrangement if the user presses the back button, which makes the old “screen” visible and the actual not. But it seems that there’s a bug on this block. When I try to back, the actual arrangement becomes invisible but the previous stay does not become visible. I don’t know if it’s a bug or I just miscoded it.

These are the block:


I can’t see them

Ops! Sorry, here are they

I guess you have to bring back Welcome arrangement with Phase animation

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It did not work. This was the result:

Your animation still goes out of the screen


Yes, but I don’t know how to solv it. if I remove the phase animation the screen just still blank after returnig. And even those, I think that the problem is not the animation. I’m just making the arrangements visible or not, don’t think that the animation interfere on this.

Try something like this:


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I don’t have any idea of why, but worked. With some tests, I discovered that the problem was in the animation end block. If I remove him, the screen becomes null. Now I just need to make some corrections. Thanks everyone for all.

This is the final result:

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