How to create visible and no visible with vertical arranguments?

Hello people how are u ,
How to create vertical arranguments visible and no visible
i dont want to create 10 screen in my app because i can have bug on it i just want to create one screen with vertical arranguments for example if somebody click in one button to showing another vertical arranguments…
Thank You

Here is one approach you could try

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You can use vertical arrangement visible to block and set it to true/false

see the image

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Be careful because if you have a lot blocks on your same screen your app will be slow also the blocks section going to be slow and the coding will be annoying. Its happened with me i dont know others met with this slow problem. (I have more than 15.000 block on the same screen :joy:)


What is your app about?

Its an IDLE Game wanted to use less screen :confused:

You could have used when any component clicked event block along with procedure to reduce your blocks


Yea i did some but i have to learn more to reduce blocks number :slight_smile:

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thank you very much !

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