Need help understanding why my blocks are not working

hello everyone,
i am trying to implement back button blocks in my app see image below.
but its not working as it is supposed to be the Vertical arrangement 7 and 5 are not visible even after setting their visibility: true.

Intrestingly i have used animation on these 2 arrangement only and only these 2 are showing this issue so i checked my animation block but that seems fine too. i have no idea where i am going wrong . Please see blocks and tell me.

You put all your blocks under WhenAnimationEnds event. This will be only triggered if there has an Animation started. But there hasn’t.

There is not problem in animation block it is working fine. i have just put that for reference and i know that animation will trigger then only this blocks will work. my main concern is that when i press back button then i want to make arrangements visble but that is not working.

Could it be that these 2 arrang. are faded out through your previous animations? So they were not visible even if you set them to visible.

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