Help me to solve back pressing issue

Anyone Help me

if i back pressed in screen 2(PLAY) i want to open screen 1 and set vertical arrangement section should not visible and Mainscreen section should visible

my blocks

Thanks in Advance

So your Screen1 will be open always (hope you know that) and assuming that Screen2 was opened by Screen1.
You can try this code. I haven’t downloaded your aia file though.

1st block on Screen2 and 2nd block on Screen1


Don’t expect users to download and import your aia. Just publish your blocks. And please edit your title so it reflects your question.


not works it closes as usually

What about posting blocks?




It directly goes screen 1

You are not changing screens correctly. You should close screens instead of opening them constantly. Open screens when it is a screen that is really to be opened, and not to comeback to the previous one. you can still opening screens from screen 2, but when they are sub-sub screens.

i am telling that i want to go back to screen 1 where ever i last stopped

so, use close screen block