Add multiple screens without worrying about limit

Hey guys I like to talk about something called screen limit as you know if you have less screens in your app then your app will work smoothly but how to do that ? Is so simple in oder to add as many screens as you want and don’t have to worry about limit you just need to user vertical arrengment. why vertical arrangement ?

You have to use vertical arrengment because it’s a screen default stricture.

Oh you done you know that then thats great but what about if you want to go back in your previous screen or you want to close the app when your main screen ( arrengment ) back pressed.

Here is the blocks for that also there is an aia that you can check t out.

arrengment_changer.aia (3.4 KB)


I think you have done a pretty good job and have a good understanding.

Arrangements can sit inside arrangements. Make sure you use Scrolling ones when required.

Now there is one caveat… That is all the arrangements and assets are loaded into immediate operational memory.

So be careful about what you load, and when you load it.

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Yes you are right loading larg files in 1 screen with lots of data may cose some errors with that in mind using this method when you are loading small part of data or to show some existing data in other design will be good idea to do.

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If you have arrangements set from VISBLE to NOT VISBLE the assets are NOT purged from memory.

Nice work.
You can go back to previous screen or close app when main screen is back pressed using if then condition.
Check that if main screen is visible then close screen else invisible current screen and visible main screen.