How to add switch one layout to another layout?

how to back when we use virtual screen using layouts… screen already has “back pressed” but layout doesn’t have any event.

You can find it by layout visiblity property.

blocks (16)


how many virtual screen we can add in one screen?
Does more virtual screen in one screen, having slow my screen process?


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Can suggest me, How many screen are there good in one app?

The fewer the better. No one can give you an exact number, it all depends on your app. Some apps need many screens, while in some apps with many screens you might be able to reduce the number of screens.

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fewer means less than 4 screen are good?

It’s impossible to give a figure, it all depends on your app.

A simple calculator or a guessing game only needs 1 screen, everything can be done with virtual screens on Screen 1.

But for a more complicated app which needs many thousands of blocks it may be better to have multiple screens so that the number of blocks on each screen is as low as possible, and so that loading, debugging etc are efficient.

Tell us about your app in detail and we may be able to provide you with a figure for how many screens you need.

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Yes, Your are right! we can add multiple virtual screen in one single screen. but in this case virtual screen load very very fast… is there any delay event for open virtual screen?. And how to use interstitial add in two virtual screen?

That’s the my problem… Please help…!

You can use use a clock to delay opening the screens.

As far as ads go I’m not sure.

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Thanks… for your valuable time…!

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