Virtual screen delay time and interstitial ads

Is there any delay event for open or delay to virtual screen… like a clock because virtual screen open very very fast… and How to use interstitial add between two virtual screen…?

my apk size is maximum 12-18mb it is good?


First of all your question is allover the place.

When user clicked for event 2 , enable clock to timer (set timer intervals like 2000, 5000, 10000), show the ad…

when clock timers , set clock timer off , disable the ads, and show the event 2

Very simple

if you have time can you send the block…it will very helpful.

I’m beginners…


Something like this ???

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I have 2 screen in my app and screen2 having 13 virtual screen. but all virtual screen open very fast. so how to add timer between them so it will take 1sec to open other virtual screen?

can you give block images here…


Try this apk and let me know,
cafe(1).apk (5.3 MB)

Oh… yeah this apk will perform good but i want blocks images like a aia file…

this is the simple blocks have iused in this apk pls refer

Here the variable called screens denotes the multiple Arrangements


Thanks to you…!

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