Horizontal scroll arrangement components setup problem

in my app i use horizontal scroll arrangement but after some components add face me problem to arrange components
see in screen shot how i add my next card view in table arrangement


The designer screen is just too small, develop your prokject on tablet size.


The other thing you can do is set the width to something smaller then you want during design, and then change the width after you have placed the components, especially if some will be invisible.

its not right way.
my total components is 120 how to i arrange

120 visual elements?

You need to reuse.get buttons to do more than one thing. You can set up the image and dimensions, and with an if statement you can determine why the button was clicked

If button image =x set variable to y.

If variable is se tto y do z.

My app has nearly 3000 blocks, and I think if I rebuilt it I could ge tit down to 1500 if I really tried.

and user the tablet option here to make the screen bigger


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