CardView and Horizontal Scroll Question

I am playing with CardView inside a Horizontal Scroll Arrangement as I want a way to display subscription options for my app.

1 have 7 cards all side by side. The horizontal scroll does not work, i.e. I can only see the first two cards and can not scroll from side to side.


Am I doing something wrong, or expecting it to perform in a way it is not designed? If so does anyone have suggestion on how I can make that work?

Show us your Blocks!!!

There are no blocks to show. It is a design element.

What kind of blocks are you talking about?

I have it visible, and all the cards made, It wont scroll, and all cards are individually visible as well

Did you set scroll to enabled or disabled?

Yeah it was. I just put in a new bar, and moved the cards over and it works now.

No idea why.

than see you how easiy it was and now please click on solved on my post, thank you

I solved it myself thank you :slight_smile:

if your screen scroll is disabled and you have a vertical arrangement then you can scroll that

if your screen scroll is disabled and you have cardview vertical arrangement then scrolling system will not work…

if you want to scroll your cardview component then you have to enable screen scrollable system

Scrolling was enabled. I just adding a new arrangment moved the cards and it works. It was something wonky.

nice. please show me… because previously i faced this problem too

I just added a new element, and moved all the objects to it and deleted the original one. Nothing to really show

I found something like this

I haven’t used it yet