Enable Side Menu Layout only when I want

I wanted to know how I do to enable the e Side Menu Layout only when I want and not just let me call elements or add them. I say this because I want to use the Screen1 with different Vertical Arrangements that are enabled and disabled.


What should happen: Home App, Vertical Arrangement1 is shown with a canvas like Splash, after three seconds Vertical Arrangement1 is disabled and Vertical Arrangement2 is enabled with buttons and a Side Menu Layout, call or add elements.

What really happens: App starts, shows Vertical Arrangement1 with the Canvas as Splash, you can also see the Side Menu Layout without any element inside.

Well, I think I already solved it. :joy:

Use two blocks, of which are in screen1. They are called “call Screen1.Lock Side Menu” and “call Screen1.Unlock Side Menu”.


I call “call Screen1.Lock Side Menu” in “when Screen.initialize” and call “call Screen1.Unlock Side Menu” in a procedural block, next to Side Menu items.

The procedural block called it when the “Vertical_Arrangement” containing the buttons is activated.


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