Bottom sheet cannot use transparent background color

bottom sheet cannot use transparent background color


You can not use transparency in Bottom Sheet
It is not a bug…
Change category to request

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And also where are your blocks? I can not see any usefull information.

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i do that . tnx



Add this when Button click do
set Vertical Arrangement visible to true
call Bottom sheet show dialog.


and please change your category, it not a bug or even iwant, your just missing some blocks in implementing, if you are expecting the bottom sheet need to be transparent? Hmm i guess can’t implement it right now, you are missing to set a visible for the registered bottom sheet component, so you will experience a dim in the whole screen.


not work .

show your blocks also in that function.

BStest.aia (751.7 KB) here… see mine it’s working perfectly in a companion or even in apk.


Actually if you are assigning any layout to bottom-sheet, there is no need to toggle its visibility both in the designer and in blocks. Let the layout visibility remain true from the designer.
The assigned layout will automatically work as bottom-sheet and its visibility will be controlled according to hide/show of bottom-sheet. So from your aia file :point_down:

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I agree and i don’t mind any of it, I have some bullets using that method, first thing is what if i dont need to remain it visibilty true from the designer in a reason, for the possible cause of accidental drag and drop by arranging layout component while designing specialy when your having bad pc performance or poor internet, Second, im using method to visible false all my layout and just call it while loading everything, it means it just plain screen while loading it and set true when my app ready. It the same method, than to load picture in image component via designer im calling the image in the assets and use it in blocks with the string method and use it empty in case i need to switch another picture, i will just set it using string method calling image filename. So can i have my own perspective in why im using it? Thanks for the thoughts, apology for long response.

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