How to use swipe refresh layout in webview

I tried messing with it for so long but nothing happened.
Problem 1 : It covers half page of my app.
Problem 2 : It keeps showing loading icon, and it never stops.

I just want my app to refresh when i swipe down. how to do?

Hi, welcome to the community, better to post also some screenshots here. If you want to use swipe refresh component, put the webviewer inside, and blocks, when swipe refresh is true, call the webviewer to load, and in the webviewer the site is loaded, set the swipe refresh to false.

What do you mean by “put the webviewer inside” and how to do that?
Please note that i have used webview first and then other components which includes 3 admob ads and 1 swipe refresh

Is this what you expect to happen?

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After posting comment i figured out what you were trying to say. I was supposed to put swipe refresh first and then webview. So i did it perfect, but it had one problem, instead of taking place at top of screen, it takes place anywhere we swipe. I saw one youtube video rectifying same, but it did not work for me, so finally i removed it after wasting 3-4 hrs.

What you mean by this? First… Im try to help you even tho your didnt following how to ask question guidelines, seconds your always pointing without showing some visual guide of what your expecting, you wont get any help for this if you let the community guessing without sufficient information.

Yes, i want this and sorry for not being able to provide proofs since i thought in this scenario only verbal sign is sufficient to understand issue. Kindly provide me blocks for this

Yes, i want this to happen. Kindly tell me how

You can mark this as solution

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First Issue - It keeps rotating
Second Issue - If you are at bottom of a long page, as soon as you try to go up by scrolling, it still refreshes, so unable to go up

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