How to use the Custom PackageName

[EDIT: This guide need not be followed anymore. Specifying just the package name should be sufficient]

Our Custom PackageName option is based on AppyBuilder one, so to use it you should follow this “small” tutorial :sweat_smile:


How to set a Custom PackageName?

It’s not compulsory to set a custom package name, as Makeroid has already reserved for you one with this format:, but if you want your app to look more professional, then you will want to set one
So, let’s proceed

First of all, make sure your app is NOT published in Google PlayStore, as they don’t allow PackageName changes after an app is posted
If you come from any other distribution and want to use original PackageName, then you should check this as it’s easier for beginner users

  1. You have my own and perfect app ready:

    But I don’t want to use default PackageName (in this case com.makeroid_diego_barreiro_perez.CustomPackageName

  2. Scroll down in Screen1 to a setting called Package Name and place there your desired PackageName:

    Now your app will be saved with the PackageName xyz.barreeeiroo.MyApp!

  3. Change all Open Another Screen methods!

    You will have to set a special way to Open Another Screen

    Copy those blocks in Screen1 ONLY and then change this ones:

    • Set in PRODUCTION_STATUS true if you are going to export APK, or false if you are going to use Companion
    • Set in USERNAME your Google Email without For example, if you are [email protected] then you should type makeroidrocks
      In case your email has dots (as mine [email protected]) then replace dots with lower dashes: diego_barreiro_perez
    • Set in APPNAME the name of your project, in this case CustomPackageName

In other Screens, you must use something like this:

Maybe this seems a little bit complicated, but it’s the easiest way to use Custom PackageName in apps, as you can just move to the BackPack the OPEN_ANOTHER_SCREEN function

Here is a demo .AIA if you just want to copy blocks:

If you want to migrate from any other distribution such as :appinventor: or :thunkable: or :appybuilder: and you have published your app to PlayStore, you have two options to keep original PackageName:

  1. Use this method (the Custom PackageName)
  2. Use the Special PackageName method

We are still working on this to try to avoid using such quantity of blocks in order to change between Screens, so you can just use the old and easy block


Hello ı miss this and ı cant use my old package name.Its uses app inventor package name how to rollback it?.I try fill blank package name area and downloaded project renamed with ai_ but its not work

how can i use without doing steps above like old

Did you leave the package name field empty?

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Yes, its empty

So, I had the same issue but, with switching screens… I had a custom package name, I later found out that if its blank and you change the switch screen to the screen name of the screen you want to go to not “com.makeroid.YOURscreenHERE” it worked!

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Sory but ı dont understand.My PAckage name field is empty when i try switch its show com.makeroid.ScreenName not found

How to fix it?

I just want use app inventor package name becasue my app already in google play


I want use this without add prefix to change screen like old method:

@Ali_Aydin you can export your aia file and add ai_ at the start of your filename. then upload it again and you should have the appinventor packagename

Aldready tried it.My project name start with ai_ already so when i download ı dont need rename i try bu this not work.I try save app ass method and renamed my app t x downloaded aia and added ai_ to .aia file again not work

When you use the ai_, then the package name field is empty in the designer. Leave it that way

Package field empty, and used ai_ but still not work

Can you show me your blocks of switching screens?

I use right(Open Another Screnn: Soru). I use left one for my tests(Its my dirty code).My package name field is empty.When i use Soru(right) its say com.makeroid.Soru not found

Oh, okey

I guess it’s due to that Variable
You set appinventor.ai_pmesystem.Bilgiler. while it must be only pmesystem.Bilgiler.

Hello barreeiroo
I dont use appinventor.ai_pmesystem.Bilgiler or other think when i use open another screen Method.I just try custom package name on my project Now I cant go back.Unable use app inventor package name like old method

I use old method for imported apps from other platfroms but its not work any more for my project i think my custom package name test broke it

How to go back and do not busy with #1 post steps

I uploaded my ai_ project but its not work for package name and when i try just open a screen and if package name field empty ı see com.makeroid.screenname not found

Can you send me the .AIA?
I will try to fix it

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the .aia has errors. not working :sweat::sweat::sweat:

Try this. you should change your username in the block
customPackage.aia (3.3 KB)
customPackage.apk (2.4 MB)


Thanks Ravi! That’s quite easy. :+1: