Error After Package Name Changed

error 902 screen not found after package name changed

@Peter I’ve made that tutorial for complex projects with lots of screen


Nice work :+1:


i still havent find any solution. im getting the same error :sweat::sweat::sweat::sweat::sweat:

Because you need to call OpenScreen(packageName + screenName)

even thats not working

gameplay is the name of screen

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Thanks Bro ur APK is working perfectly. I tried the aia blocks in my app with my details. I found this error. Screen is still not opening

can you show the blocks or share aia?
After change the package name in the screen1 properties, for the change screen type like this

try using : [email protected] + . + PROJECT_NAME + . + SCREEN_NAME

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I like the way you explained :ok_hand::+1:.
I think you are away from your pc.

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hehe thanks a lot man. i tried the same thing but its showing the error

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bro here is my .aia file. if you can make it work then it would be very much helpful.
Thanks in advance.
I got to go to screen named ‘gameplay’ from Screen1 after timer is hit.
Flappymemes.aia (1.7 MB)


Again, you are not following tutorial on how to change package name… Your package name is com.dafaq.Flappymemes and not dafaqdevelopers and etc.

Please Help Me On It…

Yoy dont need to type a full package name in the open screen anymore. Only the name of the screen

Don’t know what is going wrong. My project always worked fine but when yesterday I exported is, it is unable to open screen 2 saying the error discussed above in topic, I didn’t even changed the package name